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Powell To Roll Out PowellASAP During Tupelo Market

Culver City, California - (August 4, 2006) - L.Powell Company, a leading developer and importer of furniture products, announced the implementation of a new order scanning system to be used at the upcoming Tupelo Market. The PowellASAP system is a state of the art handheld PC computer that links real time information to a server based in the Powell showroom.

The company used ASAP at the recent Las Vegas market. The main benefit to Powell customers was the time it saved in their showroom. “With all of the different categories of product that we offer, it’s not unusual for a customer to purchase 50 or more SKU’s” said Sean Slack, Executive Vice President. “The time savings for both our customers and our sales staff was significant, not to mention, the system can cut down on the chance for errors during the rush at market”, Slack added.

After an exhaustive search for the best program available, the company chose a system from Brandwise , a well known software supplier from Lakewood CO. “Our sales reps can create quotes to prepare for their customers arrival at markets, plus, they can use them in retailers stores after market” said Tom Liddell, Sr. VP-National Sales. “The orders will be transmitted wirelessly to our servers and almost immediately be received at our offices. This will allow real time inventory and sales tracking”, Liddell added.

In addition to the scanners, Powell CFO, Larry Woods, noted “The PowellASAP system will sync with our new PowellPRO dealer order system. PowellPRO stands for Powell Retailers Online. This new web based order placement and inquiry system was just introduced to our dealers this week”.

For more information on PowellPRO, Powell retailers should visit: On the site, you will find a document detailing how to sign up for a login and password

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