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Powell Company's "Red Carpet" Retail Program Proves Strong Builder of In-store Traffic/Consumer Good Will

Culver City, California – (January 4, 2007) - Michael Payne, known to millions of viewers as host and designer of the TV show "Designing for the Sexes", has been "on the road" for The Powell Company for the past year hosting special events, design seminars and talking with thousands of consumers about his furniture collections for Powell.

The most successful programs have been with those stores who worked closely with their local media to make the event a major happening in their communities. In Goose Creek, South Carolina, at Butchie’s by Design, one of the local radio stations featured a two hour live broadcast with Michael at the store event. The opening had Michael arriving in a limo and greeted on a "Red Carpet" followed by a gala breakfast for the guests. According to Butchie Phillips, owner, "the event not only attracted a nice sized crowd but, just as important is the good visibility and positioning of the store as a leader".

In Frisco, Texas, Bella Cosa, one of the retail partners, sponsored a raffle offering the use of a bright red 2007 Jaguar convertible for a weekend. The raffle raised over $2,000 which was donated to Alzheimer's research. Says Elaine Williams, “this kind of a store event not only brings in the crowds but helps create really good relationships with our customers. Everyone enjoyed the event, learned a lot from Michael and we believe will come here to buy when they are ready.”

In Enid, Oklahoma the sponsoring store, City of Furniture, met Michael at the airport and drove him to their store in a stage coach, literally stopping traffic.

One final story that substantiates the drawing power of Michael Payne. The Furniture Look in Hays, Kansas sponsored an event and had customers arrive from 500 miles away and from three states!

Special effort has been made by the Powell regional reps to help the stores with the promotions. They, with the retailers, have come up with wonderfully entertaining ideas to celebrate Michael’s English heritage such as serving English tea, having Michael arrive in British racing cars, book signings and other easy to execute concepts. The program will continue through 2007 with new, exciting merchandise arriving throughout the year. The Powell rep team is prepared to work with dealers to help them develop their own promotions, events and provide support materials.

Founded in 1968, Powell has been a leading importer of design driven, high quality products for nearly forty years. The company's success is a result of its service oriented culture, broad product offerings, multiple sourcing and delivery options, and an industry-wide reputation for reliability, integrity and honesty.

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