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Linon/Powell rolls out new rugs for summer shows

MINEOLA, N.Y. - (June 24, 2016) - The Linon/Powell rug division has a number of new offerings set for the summer market cycle.

Officials say based on the January success of the first 16 Vintage rugs, another 24 will be rolled out in markets in Atlanta and Las Vegas. The rugs are power-loomed in Turkey and made of 100% microfiber polyester. The pile height and the detail gives them the authentic look of antique hand-knotted vintage rugs with a retail price as low as $100 for a 5-by-8.

Linon/Powell is launching the new collection of Vintage Antique hand-tufted microfiber polyester rugs that have a splash of silk highlights. These are plush rugs with a distressed look, which gives a rich appearance while retailing for $199 in a 5-by-7 size.

In addition to the Vintage, 14 all-new designs from the Jewell collection will debut in Atlanta and Las Vegas. The technique of double pointing with 1,500,000 and 1,000,000 points a M2, high-low effect created by drop stitching and using a fine polypropylene yarn gives a high-end, antique look at an affordable price. Target retail for a 5-by-8 is $249.

The Serape collection rugs are made of heat-set polypropylene and have a plush and dense pile and look like real hand-knotted rugs. Due to customer demands, the company is introducing four new colorways in multiple authentic Serape designs, which takes the original six designs to 20. Target retail for 5-by-8 rugs is $199.

There will be more than 40 new additions to the Trio collection with all new updated designs and colors. Rugs from the Trio collection are hand tufted of poly-acrylic in multiple hand-tufting techniques such as cut loop, loop, cut and hand carved. This collection has more than 160 different designs and always in stock.

Vintage-styled rugs from Linon/Powell are among the new market introductions planned for Atlanta and Las Vegas.

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