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Kid’s Bedroom, a Bright Spot For Home Furnishings Retailers

Culver City, California - (March 5, 2009) - Bedroom retailers looking for some light spots in the dark storm of the difficult home furnishings retail market may want to further explore the anecdotal rumors that several areas show some life. According to informal word of mouth discussions, three categories stand out as having some potential. They are: “green” (natural, all-natural or organic) mattresses and bedding; top-of-bed products offering consumers a less expensive fashion and comfort enhancement such as unique pillows and toppers; and finally, kids’ bedroom products. The last product category was clearly in evidence at the Las Vegas World Market Center show with the special Vegas Kids area on the 9th. floor of Building A and with numerous mattress and furniture companies featuring full lines of baby, toddler, kids, “tweens” and teen bedroom furnishings. According to a dozen or more manufacturers showing kids’ bedroom furniture and accessories, people will spend on their kids before they will spend on themselves. People are still having babies. They need cribs and baby furniture for their children, and they will not buy inferior products for their kids. Of course these kids also grow older and out grow their cribs needing kids’ bedroom mattresses, beds and bedroom furniture.


An Opportunity Insight From Powell’s Liddell
Powell Company, a longtime provider of metal beds, futons, daybeds, and other lifestyle bedroom products offered a broad selection of children’s bedroom furniture in Las Vegas. Some of these include Powell’s Z-Bed, the Monster Bed, and Teen Trends as well as Twin Tent Bunk Beds with escape slide and canopy. Offering a broad range of sturdy, fun and functional bedroom ensembles, Powell Senior Vice President of National Sales Tom Liddell is bullish about the opportunities kids’ tweens’ and teens’ bedroom furnishings offer home furnishings and bedding retailers.

Liddell actually suggests that many furniture and bedding stores have real opportunity in kids’ bedroom furniture if they would simply re-examine how they use the showroom floor and the possible turns with kids beds and bedroom furniture as opposed to adult bedroom sets, dining sets and upholstery.

Liddell challenges BEDROOM Magazine with a simple question: How often do adults buy their bedroom set? An obvious answer was perhaps once when married and then maybe again decades later when moving from the family home or when downsizing. A family with three kids may buy one or more baby cribs and furniture, then a toddler or smaller child’s room set, and possibly even a “tweens” set, and one for the time when the child reaches the teen /middle school and high school age: and this may be for each of their kids. “It is possible,” says Liddell for a family to purchase as many as three bedroom sets for each child. A family with three children could conceivably buy nine overall bedroom ensembles for their kids during the same time they purchase the one and only honeymoon bedroom ensemble that lasts twenty years or more.”

Liddell suggests that if furniture/ bedroom retailers placed more children’s bedroom furnishings on their floor and fewer adult bedroom sets, they might actually make greater sales. In some extreme cases there could be a nine-to-one ratio or more of potential child bedroom sales to adult sales. At the same as mentioned before even during this extremely tight economy, parents will spend money on their kids when they think that their kid’s health, safety and comfort is at stake.

In the months ahead, BEDROOM Magazine will accept Mr. Liddell’s challenge and we will begin to cover the entire child’s bedroom category focusing on the manufacturers and the products of a broad range of baby, toddler, kids and youth bedding/bedroom products.

Retailer interested in learning more about Powell’s full line of kids’ bedroom furnishings should contact Tom Liddell at Powell Company 615-794-1188

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