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Michael Payne "On the Road" Ambassador for Powell Company

High Point, North Carolina – (October 16, 2006) - Michael Payne is a talented and versatile interior designer, furniture designer, author (with a new book in the works, "House of Payne" about the trials and tribulations of renovating his own home), the TV host and designer of "Designing for the Sexes" on HGTV, a photographer, a collector of antique toys (cars, trains and sailboats), a gardener and a runner. He is also designing furniture collections for the Powell Company and is the company's Ambassador-on-the-road.

Traveling from California to New York, Texas to Tennessee, Connecticut to Kansas with stops in between, Michael has drawn crowds to numerous Powell "Red Carpet" Promotional events held in concert with Powell dealers.

"These events have been real crowd pleasers "said Tom Liddell Senior Vice President - National Sales. “We plan to continue the "Red Carpet" program and hope that more dealers will take advantage of their drawing power. Retailers can work with their local sales rep to plan and execute an event that includes support from the Powell Company".

The stores and the Powell sales reps in dealer locations have come up with many innovative promotional ideas that include special arrivals with a red carpet rolled out and Michael in a grand (and long) limo, or an antique MG or a yellow vintage convertible. Guests have been served a "proper English Tea" on occasion and he has given extensive seminars to guests from far and wide. At one event in the Mid - West, customers came from three other neighboring states!

Until the next event, after logging many, many miles and generating all kinds of good will for Powell , Michael returns to his desk in his home under construction, puts on his creative hat, designs new collections for Powell, and writes another chapter in his book.

Founded in 1968, Powell has been a leading importer of design driven, high quality products for nearly 40 years. The company’s success is a result of its service-oriented culture, broad product offerings, multiple sourcing and delivery options, and an industry-wide reputation for reliability, integrity and honesty.

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